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Beware of the zombie invasion!

New Game: Deads On The Road

Zombies are horrific hungry monsters who like to eat people, a kind of werewolf. Play one of the many zombie games online here! The popular action games are: Tequila Zombies and Zombie Killer. In most games you have to kill them by fighting against them or to shoot. Many games are based on the famous TV series The Walking Dead. Can you survive the zombie invasion? Goodluck!

Horror and atrocities

Zombies are dead people who came back to life and be out for revenge. Sometimes such a monstrous creature even drink human blood. There are many movies made about zombies and also a hugely popular song by the Cranberries, where everyone knows of the lyrics. Here we have put for you some fat games in a row where you Zombie's attack must stop in order to protect humanity. Also popular Zombies vs. plants. Who loves a bit of tension, will establish here a great game. Come with us shudder and find here the tension! Do not freak out! It's just a game and not really natural.

Arise from the dead

Play a crazy sombie or just protect everyone against attack. We have some excellent games in store for you. For example, playing the evil necromancer or a scary teddy bear. You can also play a cowboy hero and take on evil. Are you ready to ghosts? On this page you can find all sorts of creepy games with zombies. Strange things happen when people transform into a monster. We have collected several games here where you must fight against zombies, or just itself plays a sad zombie. Something for everyone!

Do you like to play Zombie Games? We listed the best funny games online! Play them for free on MyGame.co.uk. Have fun playing our Zombie Games collection!