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Cut out the best hairstyles

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In this series, its games are you the hairdresser. Cut the hair of Dora, Mr. Bean and Barbie. These are really typical girl games. Put your customer in the barber chair, his or her hair, then cut it, give them a tan, hair and they put them in model. Some customers also want a make over or be drawn. Good luck with running your own hair salon.

A fun form of entertainment

Do you like to play games? Then you are probably already very familiar with all types of games and you probably already have a favorite category or several categories in which you often come back. For many children, especially girls, is the category girl games. Within this example, you often find subcategories makeup games, dress up games and hairdressing games. These are ideal for those who like to watch what good is a person who like to style someone and completely make up. Often you can get started with celebrities or the most beautiful models.

Infinitely many different types

Hairdresser games have attached a special sub-category, which you can find many different types of games. You can format celebrities, for example, formatting different types of people of all different ages and so on. You can choose to create a style that you like best, or you can try commands to perform as well as possible. Look at the example picture and make sure that the customer gets exactly the same haircut.

Show your creative side

Are you someone who create it likes to styles, to design? Then hairdresser games just for you. Consider several new hair styles and see which hair styles the game has already devised for inspiration. Give people a different hairstyle that suits them: for example, a rocker, a cute girl, a tough guy or an old woman. Estimate what they would be at its best and have fun. So you can get your creative side completely let go wild. And maybe you do still inspiration for your own future new hairstyle.

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