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Sonic The Hedgehog online games!

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On this gaming site is the largest and best collection of Sonic The Hedgehog games. This famous blue hedgehog is designed for the Atari by SEGA. It started with computer games, but soon there are juegos, a cartoon, videos and even a movie about this fast-paced creature appeared. At Wiki you can also find a lot of information about. Play Sonic games right here!

Racing with the blue superhero

Run and jump through the platform levels and collect the golden rings for bonus points. This fast hedgehog is the boss of all pixel platform games ever made. Choose a cool sonic game and run rot by one of the many adventures! You meet here also his friends. One of his radio friends is a squirrel called Tails. He can run as fast with his tail, he'm able to use and can float through the air as a propeller. In addition, you also have Knuckles, who can run super fast as Sonic. Sonic may topple roll up into a ball and therefore his opponents. With help from his friends, he tries to thwart the evil plans of Professor Eggman.

Be very fast!

As you can see there to play many different games. For example, we have Sonic 1 to 8! But we also have Super Sonic Extreme Biker and Sonic on Clouds. Try as much as possible to collect gold coins on the platform games to constantly move forward a level. That way you can help this world famous cartoon to defeat his opponents. Additionally, you can also go motorcycling, skiing or even jet skiing! Nothing is too fast for the blue hedgehog. So if you love this famous animated series and also of racing, then you're on this page completely at your place! Choose a fun game and race to stop Professor Eggman.

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