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New Game: Teletubbie Shapes

We have the most fun and instructive games Teletubby gathered here. Go on an adventure with Laa-Laa, Po, Dipsy and Tinky Winky. These colored creatures are always cheerful and very educational for infants and toddlers. We have all kinds of different games like practice counting, coloring, writing exercises and learning to read. So these games are also ideal for school.


The Teletubbies are known for repetitions. By repeating of certain subjects these children can understand even better. Repeat = exercise! Did you miss the Teletubies on School TV episodes, you can also look back on Youtube or the Missed Broadcast.

The best children's games

Children who feel like Dora find the Teletubbies usually great. This children's series is not just for girls, boys also find this series very much. The most popular game is playing hide and seek with Tinky Winky. You can also format Laa-Laa a makeover game. There are various learning games with Po and Dipsy, such as practicing math. The Teletubbies have also made a movie, see this was a few years ago at the movies, you can also look back on this Youtube.

Do you like to play Teletubbies Games? We listed the best funny games online! Play them for free on Have fun playing our Teletubbies Games collection!