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Fly the most famous bird in the world: Flappy Bird

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Fly and evade the only rule in Flappy Bird. This well-known iPhone game developed by Dong Nyguyen, a codger from Vietnam. Perhaps you've heard that name or earlier, for he also made the hit: Angry Birds. Flappy Bird is currently very popular, even more famous than the friv, happywheels or cool math games! We have many free versions of this game. For each there is something, because we even have a killer, MMO and multiplayer version. First this game was a download for your phone or tablet, but the game is taken off the acclaim. Play this unique game so here they flit

Floating through the air

Send to dodge the birds safely to the next level by houses, pipes, trees and crazy animals. Flappy Bird is a yellow birdy and mlg likes to fly around yummy. You have to help him in there because he of all encounters during his flight. Does your bird in the air, and touch not the road? Then you'll get a level more in this awesome game! Let him not fall, because then he commits suicide. You can find on the internet a lot of information about this game, even hacked! Some people want to prove how far they come, you will log on and find a highscore with the best players.

​​Crash = death

As long Flapper Bird in the air lingers there's nothing to worry about, but do him collide or crash he will be wings no longer spread. You can earn points in this game by flying through between the green pipes. Per tube, you get one point. On this page we have many different variations. You can choose the classic, but also choose once Nyon Flappy, or let an elephant turd or your grandmother fluttering through the air! Super funny! We also have an underwater version, which bypass your reefs and ensure that large sharks can not get in his sights.

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