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Candy Crush Saga play without Facebook

New Game: Cookie Crush 4

Play here the whole series Candy Crush King online. We have many levels and you can even play up to level 677. We have two versions of this free game namely the Saga and Soda variant. This puzzle game is very similar to the well-known casual game:. Candy Crush you should try as many candies and jelly to match with each other. Each round has a new goal that you should try to achieve. To what level can you get? This game you can play on your phone or tablet, without Facebook.

Candy everywhere!

On this page you will find games for a sweet tooth! There are many different delicacies that you should try to get together. Can you move so the candy canes and jelly beans that you can clear the whole playing field within the time? Sometimes you have to watch a stream of chocolate that comes across your screen which makes it even harder to achieve the goal. Slide the different colors and shapes together and take a digital sugar boost!

I'm not a player, I just crush a lot candy

Actually, Candy Crush is a classic and has become known as Bejeweled. Candy Crush for a number of years, become hugely popular. One of the nice things about this new version is that there are a lot of different rounds. And if you just do not come true, you can find online explanation how to play it. For example, you can not get past level 130? Then you can ask for tips which tactic is necessary. We have put a lot of different versions online here. For example, Play Pet Pop Party, Candy Crush Saga Rain of Blossom Blast. All nice variations on the mega popular game! Good luck and have fun!

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