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Dora and Diego Games

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Diego is the best friend of the cartoon heroine Dora. These make many adventures together. We have a very nice series of children's games in this section. This animated children's series and was created by Nickelodeon and is shown every weekday on digital TVs.

Go Diego Go!

Diego is the older cousin of Dora, he also has a sister she called Alicia. She helps him quite often rescues, further Alicia is also very good with the computer. Go Diego Go is a popular children's series on Nick Jr. This series is broadcast every day on TV and if you have not been sick this friend Dora you can here many adventures with him. Most adventures take place in the jungle, there you encounter many dangerous animals against. After your adventure, you will have to bring a beautiful bunch of flowers for your dear little friend. Furthermore, these children's cartoon series also has a film whose Go Diego Go theme song is known, can you sing it? In Diego's adventure you go searching for a group hug of Diego that is lost. For each game there is a clear instruction, so you can start quickly. There are all kinds of movie games in this category such as dressing, puzzle and fair. Whatever happens always make sure that the adventure unscathed quits.

​​Dora Games

In addition to Diego games we have fun Dora games. Dora is known as the cheerful girl with a backpack that along with Diego has all kinds of adventures. She lives in the forest and always has her rucksack. The various children's games can you help Dora during her adventures. Dora lives in the jungle and has a lot of friends like a monkey, a parrot and a fox.

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